"I wanna see Momela!"

You need day care for your child?

I care for your children, lovingly and professionally. That way, you can keep calm and dedicate yourself to the daily tasks and challenges of your home and business life.

Momela day care ~ with day nanny Emanuela Franiek

My day care centre offers you and your children:

  • a day nursery for children below the age of 3
  • large, bright rooms, furnished appropriately for children
  • a healthy diet, balanced and prepared fresh
  • much exercise in the open
  • homely ambiance in protected conditions
  • gentle familiarization
  • language development support
  • playful learning, personal support and teaching of subject matter according to the Saarland's education programme
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Frequently asked questions about children's day care

I can take care of 5 children at a time, maximum.

I'm happy to take care of children from nearby France. Their parents and I form a private contract. German governmental sponsorship is unavailable.

The prices for parents depend on the weekly amount of hours.

The youth welfare office might take over some or all of the costs after application.

Parents from France are self-pay clients.

Individual care presumes individual price negotiations.

My qualifications are as follows:

  • trained child care worker with over 30 years of professional experience
  • qualified day care nanny, certified by the federal association for childrens' daycare
  • Care authorization from youth welfare services
  • current certification, "first aid for children"
  • constant continuing education

Acitvities include:

  • Expeditions, activity games, free play and individualized activities
  • First non-simulation games, finger games, circle games, children's books
  • Children's songs, children's rhymes, children's dancing
  • Painting, kneading, handicrafts, cooking, baking

These are the 4 required steps:

  1. We meet in person and explore the premises
  2. We discuss your requirements and clarify all questions
  3. We conclude a written contract
  4. We agree on a date for familiarization

Information sources

Information for Saarbrücken

German: Detailed brochure about children's day care in Saarland, provided by the Saarbrücken service agency (Servicestelle Saarbrücken).

Information for the Saarpfalz district

German: insightful page on www.saarpfalz-kreis.de containing information, contact options and downloads regarding children's day care.

Feeling secure. Feeling welcome. Being a child.

About me

Born and raised in Hamburg by the Elbe river. My family's origins are in central Italy. I've been living in the Saarland since 2006.

My interest in other cultures, love for nature and for life-long learning are guiding and accompanying me throughout my everyday life. My concerns and values include healthy living, sustainability through waste prevention, and the search for alternatives.

My educational work is founded on the following path and objectives.

Childhood is a one-time experience, it never returns. Everything is new, everything is formative and meaningful for an entire lifetime. I support you so that that time is a good one for you and your child, unburdened and full of beautiful memories. You can entrust your child to me without having to worry. That way, you're free to pursue your own responsibilities and professional challenges in life.

I supervise and support your child in a qualified and goal-oriented manner, fostering playful learning in all areas of education and formation. My educational programme will neither over- nor underwhelm your child.

Your child develops and learns at his or her own pace. I will accompany and support them with love every day. Your child will benefit from my undivided attention.

The foundation of my work is the Saarland's educational programme for Saarland nurseries and kindergartens. A day care spot with me is equivalent to a nursery spot in another facility.


"And in the end, the laugter of a child is the only currency there is."
Unknown author

Core hours

Monday: 07:30-16:30
Tuesday: 07:30-16:30
Wednesday: 07:30-16:30
Thursday: 07:30-16:30
Friday: 07:30-16:30
and on appointment

Address and Contact

Im oberen Mengen 5
66399 Bliesmengen-Bolchen

Phone: (+49) 176 - 345 00 908
E-Mail: daycare@momela.de

Contact me

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